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Winter 2015 

It has been a quiet time in Middle Earth for the past few months.  This website has seen limited updates.  Rest assured we will be adding new information about the club and the greater world of the Lord of the Rings.  We always have a keen eye out news articles, pictures, videos, websites, etc.  Please leave a message or add to the forums or blogs for anything new.  Drop down menus have been added for the "about the game" section so please check it out.

Map Campaign Finished (or not)

The map campaign from 2014 is finished.  We modified the rules as we went to make it more fair and facilitate the game, but like a land war in Asia it went on forever.  Eventually an armistice was called without a clear Lord of Middle Earth being declared.  The new store manager has asked if we would consider restarting the campaign.   This suggestion was not met with a "Heck no" so maybe this is a topic for discussion. 

Games Workshop's New Releases for The Hobbit

When the first Hobbit movie came out a few years back Games Workshop released a whole new line of models and a new updated rulebook and for the Strategic Battle Game.  Here is a link to the newest releases from the Third movie

links to the GW website. 

Gaming Essentials 

Hobbit Rules Manual

Current New Products 

New Releases 

There were a number of rule changes in the new Hobbit Rulebook.  The changes are significant and include channeling magic spells, brutal attacks by monsters, and optional strikes base on the type of weapon.  We are still adapting and adopting.

Epic Warband Tournament

Date:  February 21, 2015

 Location:  Bowie Bunker

Address:  6820 Racetrack Road, Bowie, Maryland 20715

Phone:  (301) 464-4651

Time:  12:00PM to 4:00PM Eastern Time

Cost:  $5 registration fee (fees used for GW Gift Card)

Army Rules:  

1. Warband construction:

- Only one warband per player.  Multiple heroes can be included in a warband, even if they would normally be required to be in separate warband.

- Maximum point value is 350 points per warband.

- Minimum of eight models and a maximum of 12 models.


2. Each model must be from the same army. Example: Lothlorien warband
   models from the Lothlorien and Mirkwood section of the Free People's source

- Any number of heroes allowed, but heroes count toward the minimum
and maximum warband size constraints.

- No monsters allowed.

- Proxies are allowed

- Standard 1 in 3 archery limit and house rule 1 in 3 cavalry model
limit applies. To field 4 archers or 4 cavalry you must have 12 models.

3. Warband submission:

- Players must submit their warband breakout by models and points to the host and opposing player before battle.

- Players will name proxies prior to battle.

- Disputes over warband legality will be resolved by the tournament
host. Rulings are final and apply to all battles conducted during the

4. Scenarios:

- There are six possible scenarios from the sourcebooks:                                      Scenarios are determined by rolling a d6.

- To the Death (roll 1)

- Domination (roll 2)

- Hold Ground (roll 3)

- Lords of Battle (roll 4)

- Reconnoiter (roll 5)

- The High Ground (roll 6)

5. Rules Resolution and Code of Conduct:

- Hobbit rulebook applies

- Players may not alter their warband between battles. Players use
the same warband for the duration of the tournament.

- Use sourcebook scenario rules as written.

- If opponents are in dispute over a rule, refer to the rulebook. If
the rulebook is unclear, then the tournament host decides. If the host
isn't sure, then roll a d6 to determine the ruling. A roll of 1-3 is for
evil and a 4+ is for good.

- Winner will be determined by victory points for each round and
overall tournament.  There will be 3 rounds.

 Organizer:  Chris Snow (chris.r.snow@gmail.com)


Hobbit Movie

The new movie is out with mixed reviews.  There are additional scenes in the movie that are not covered in the book.  Additionally, Peter Jackson and the writers did take some artistic license in some parts to further explore certain aspects of the movie, offer additional background for story telling purposes and/or to add further drama in the story.  


I have made a Facebook for Lords of Middle Earth.  Please visit and like it.  I made this for a couple of reasons.  Peter Jackson and Games Workshop have made Facebook pages.  This will allow me to more easily spread news about the movies and gaming news.  I like that all the local Games Workshop stores have Facebook pages.  This allows each store to show off hobbyist's stuff and advertise their activities.


I got the official logo for the group copyrighted.  It is copyrighted with the words "Lords of Middle Earth".  I am researching getting our name trademarked as well.  

Hobbit Movie News

They have started filming The Hobbit.  The website theonering.net has a 10 minute video by director Peter Jackson.  Peter Jackson apparently is going to do period videos on the movie production.  Peter Jackson has a facebook page.  There are some cool things and information on his page, be sure to check it out.

 Website Store

 The Webs Site Builder has added a new cool feature.  Please check it out.  I will be opening another store for the new club dice, wooden markers, and dice bags.

Battle Reports

I invite everyone to post battle reports and/or articles in the forum section. 


Please join both the website and the yahoo group.  The website is place for sharing ideas, pictures, stories, etc.  The yahoo group is to facilitate and coordinate gaming and activities.  To join the website, click here.  To join the yahoo group, click here


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